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Each new day brings forth its own set of trials to overcome. I think the majority of us struggle with the concept that everything won’t be solved in 24 hours. We miss the link between continuing to have FAITH and believe that all will work out for our good because we are still so busily … Continue reading

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We are taking a stance at Simply Sowing Seeds to motivate, encourage, and offer emotional support to young girls and women that may not have enough courage to stand up for things they believe in or if they don’t quite believe in themselves. ” We BELIEVE in you and we may have never met you, … Continue reading

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Being that we are surrounded by women all day long, there is a urgent need for me to address something I’ve come to personally notice…There is this lack of ability to encourage, motivate, or compliment one another as women. What is that all about? Its really not that hard. Its as if telling another woman … Continue reading

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Find Your Worth

In the raw form of truth, its so easy to lose your voice when dealing with relationship woes, the raise you feel that you’ve worked so hard and deserve, as well as the friendships that continue to exist even after acknowledging to yourself that they serve no particular purpose. Its so super easy to just … Continue reading

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Know Your Health…

The importance of raising awareness for personal health and wellness has been said time and time again through commercial, free wellness clinics, billboards, etc. Yet for millions of women, there is still a hesitancy, primarily the fear of uncertainty that keeps them from seeking medical treatment. This week was somewhat flooded by comments of women … Continue reading